Glimpsing The Akashic Record

The Akashic record is a spiritual platform that records every action, thought, deed and word of everything including humans. You can actually access the Akashic record and see the truth of anything you want. It's there. Available.

I write this today because I was reminded of negative words I uttered to an airlines customer service agent that were shown to me on their computer when I went to the airport to pre-pay for a relative's luggage last night. I was embarrassed and shamed within myself in seeing the silly and rude things I said. More importantly, I saw it as the Akashic records coming into physicality, giving me a glimpse into what had been recorded. It wasn't pretty. It was a good lesson and reminder of being mindful of my words, thoughts and actions for they are all being recorded, they all effect others and in this case, it was negative speech that made only me look and feel ashamed about subpar behavior.

When I got home, I thought about this glimpse into my Akashic record and the first thing I did after realizing that airlines personnel write down everything negative you say, I forgave myself. I also looked deep within myself and admitted I have more work to do on my ego. I need to be a better parent of my ego and there is no where to hide anything that I say, do or think. It's all there for all to see, recorded forever!!!

The question I asked myself: is being rude who and what I want to be? I realized that being assertive in a kind and nice way is one thing; being rude and crude is another. Not one I admire or condone.

It was a revealing moment and I took it to heart, took it seriously because I don't really want to put that kind of negative energy out into the world, a world that needs my light not my doom and gloom.

My reactive nature still has a touch of control over me and when stressed, I can easily fall into using bad language that I think is the way to solve a problem. It was something the Universe flashed back at me to remind me that being harsh is not the way. Kindness and understanding are the way. If I am going to speak up, I must do so with equanimity!


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