Being Your Soul In Every Day Life

I can speak on the subject of being, evincing one's soul in every day life because I have done it since birth. What is this about? It is about seeing and being in life and both experiencing and perceiving life from a soul level, not an ego level.

I can tell you that the single most pervasive feeling I have had living from my soul is that everything has beauty in it, everyone and everything both feels and looks beautiful from the perspective of the soul. You see, the soul does not think like a human who has a persona/psyche/ego. The soul just is and it's domain of communication to and with the human being and everything in nature is emotion and it expresses itself through feeling. The soul is here to expand its awareness of itself through this natural experience found on this Earthly sphere hurtling through space. When we consciously connect with our soul, we are in the Spirit world and Spirit looks differently at the world, is in a different paradigm of perception.

What are some of the ways Spirit looks differently at the world versus the ego? Spirit does not see physical ugliness, it is always vibrating Love, it does not fear so-called death, it knows life as a continuum, everlasting, it has no religion, race, color, sex, creed or egotistic agenda. When Spirit looks at another human being, all it sees is another soul here to expand its awareness like sees itself in another guise.

When I connect with another human soul and feel Love, I am connecting to what's inside both of us. That other soul is vibrating Love and that Love vibrates me. That's what I connect with and that's what being your soul in every day life means: connecting to the soul in everything and feeling that Love in everything.

This is not an idealistic mind game. It is real and it exists. I have and am doing this. I connect with others on the level of soul and that is why I am an interactional specialist. I go right to the core. I don't mess around. It is also why the denseness, divisiveness and limiting consciousness of most humans is repellent to me. Most humans are living from their ego, not their soul.

Today, I encourage you to begin living from your soul. Hidden treasures await you.


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