Be This Awareness:"It Will Turn Out Fine."

A great awareness for better health, happiness and peace is one that I keep coming back to in my life, over and over again and it's especially relevant now in our world. It is the singular ability to drop the past, drop what's not working in your life and move your awareness and therefore life, into the personal creation of comfort and trust that somehow it will turn out fine.

I am not talking about false idealism. I am talking about a Spiritual awareness where you project a feeling, a knowingness that everything is as it should be, that you are perfect as you are and that you are right where you need to be.

Spirit in us does not think like our human selves does and it will create circumstances that are needed for our expanding soul's awareness. We may not like or enjoy what's happening on the ground of our persona/psyche/ego and we ourselves have created it as we move to other, higher realities that are being demanded by our soul. In the case of Donald Trump's election, on a Spiritual level, this is about a new social consciousness (change) being forged in the mass consciousness. Donald Trump is the ambassador of that change in the single pointedness of a human being and many will be confused as he leads the major changes that we, ourselves, have asked for no matter what your party affiliation.

The name of the game is change out of the social malaise that has infected the masses. What does this mean? It means that you must jump into the fray and change your apathy into a helping attitude to move the mass consciousness in the direction of a better reality. Stop complaining and start getting involved with the awareness that your actions will assist in helping our society change for the better and that because of your presence, it will turn out fine.

What are YOUR positive values, morals, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, feelings that can contribute to the wellbeing of society at large? Stop thinking your ideas don't matter or that you are separate. Who and what you are, no matter what you may feel, are critical to the collective consciousness.

Every being is important. Shift your awareness from "poor me" to "This is how I want it and I will contribute to effecting this change." This is done by constructing the social fabric, not destroying it, as many misguided souls have led themselves to falsely believe!!!!!!!


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