Your Purpose For Being On Earth

Many humans on the planet are asking themselves, "What is my purpose for being on Earth?," "Why Am I alive?," "Who am I?" These are important and pivotal questions that show that humanity is gaining greater awareness about the meaning of life and it's meaning is far more than being born, working and then dying. You are not your job and your career is not your purpose for being here, that's just your "day job."

The true purpose of your human incarnation, why you are enjoying a human existence is to learn and grow your soul's awareness by being what I like to call an interface between Spirit and Nature. Earth is a school for our soul and we are meant to make a soul correction, that is, to learn something that will enhance our soul's well-being. Here's an example from my own life: my soul correction was to learn that my ultra-sensitive empathic nature was a strength, not a weakness, not something to be ashamed of or hidden under a bushel. I corrected my soul's course by learning to strengthen my Spiritual gifts, not hide them. I am still practicing this and that is partially why I am still in body-I have more to do.

I discovered that when your soul makes its correction, it really has no reason for being on Earth anymore. It is then free to move on. Your soul drives your human incarnation, not your persona/psyche/ego. No one wants to die but it is not up to you, it is up to your soul.

Your purpose for you being here on Earth is, therefore, you soul's purpose. Your soul is the driver of this bus. It will do what it came here to do as best it can. By your being aware of this and getting in touch with your soul's purpose, you can consciously help it along. This takes concerted effort and doing soul retrieval work where you consciously call back your soul to your awareness is one way of finding out what your soul's purpose is. This can be found with the help of a true shaman and shamanic work if you are serious about finding what your soul correction is. There are many good shamans out there so do your homework first before you delve into this.

This is the most important work you'll do in your life and must not be put into the hands of a fake, so be careful. It is a great path and one that must be navigated with full mindfulness in order to protect the integrity of your soul as well as your persona/psyche/ego.


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