Why I Actively Seek Attention Here

Why do I take the time to share my ideas, beliefs, thoughts, philosophies with you on this blog format! What's in it for me? Well, let me stop you there and tell you, it's not about monetizing this blog. I make no money from this at all.

The reason I am actively choosing to seek attention on this particular stage is to inspire, uplift and direct others to their higher Self''s  greatest potential.  You see, I am what is known as a Bodhisattva. A being who is interested in your enlightenment before his own. I cannot guarantee your enlightenment from the reading of my thoughts on this blog, nor do I really concern myself with that. I concern myself with planting the seeds of enlightenment that you may take them and plant them in your own garden of consciousness and step onto your own wisdom path if you so choose.

This blog is not a debate. I am not looking to prove anything. I am not looking to argue my point. I already know that knowledge is infinite and you can always know more about a subject. Knowing is one thing, being wise, in my opinion, is a greater thing.

What is knowledge without wisdom? That is for you to answer for yourself for I have already accepted the answer.

I am not here for myself alone. I am here for us. I write here for you and as I extend my thoughts to you, I also consider them anew to learn from them and arrive at a higher level of awareness.

That is my path. I am a wisdom keeper. Do I know things? Sure. But, more importantly, I am no thing. I am a whisper in your ear. Whether you listen or not is you.


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