What's True Leadership for?

Why do we have leaders? What is it in them that makes us follow their lead? From my experience of what I like to call true leaders, I found that they were men and women who could uplift, motivate, comfort, heal and inspire those under their jurisdiction. For me, they had the aura of being not only a leader but also a counselor, they were trustworthy and they acted as my confidante.

I experience very few of these true leaders in our world today. There are a few out there but very few so I decided to become my own leader. I decided that I would embody those qualities I listed above that I admired in the true leaders I experienced. I decided that I would take my power back and be my own source of uplifting, motivating, comforting, healing and inspiring myself and others.

The so-called leaders in our world have failed us. They have created a world which is in large part a world of lower ego, of strife, terrorism, war, greed, starvation, poverty, homelessness, intolerance and hate and they seem not to be able to alleviate the suffering of many. Let us lead ourselves and show the world's leaders how it's done. Let us take back our power and let us create the world in our image of upliftment, motivation, comfort, healing and inspiration. This need not be done by tearing down, just voting out, taking charge, believing in ourselves, being discerning, using critical thinking.

We must change ourselves if we want better leaders because our leaders are a reflection of us. We can become the leaders we want ourselves and we can also elect true leaders who are empowered and empower us.

The days of autocratic, despotic, tyrannous, stupid, greedy, careless, judgemental, bombastic leadership is over. It is truly the dawn of self-empowerment where we, the people, are in co-creation with those we put in leadership, that is, a partnership where we also lead them.


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