We Are Rebels

"We are rebels, because we're choosing a different path. We're choosing to express ourselves in a different way." - Sister Peace

What does Sister Peace mean here and why do we choose to be rebels?

I believe that Sister Peace is referring to those of us who have unplugged from the 3D matrix and are not perpetuating the mass collective's ideology of "for me, myself alone." We rebels are not solely in service to self as so many of our human society is. We have rebelled and chose the path of service to other self first because we are aware of the inter-connectivity of all.

Most importantly for us as rebels is that we live in loving-detachment and are not caught up in the drama, the Maya, the glamor of the mass collective, nor do we condemn it. We are in it but we rebels are not of it.

We are rebels, renegades who came here to raise your human vibration out of the four lower vibrations to 5D and beyond, have made our mark, have completed our assignment here  after planting our seeds of Love, wisdom and healing amongst a human collective filled with much war, greed, selfishness, hate, bigotry, anger, jealousy and doubt.

We are the masters you have called for. Why are we masters? We are masters because we live in an enlightened beingness that knows that ascension is a process not a destination. We are not a part of your 3D matrix, we are not human. We are light beings who are in our light bodies while still in our physical vehicles and we came to share this potential with you.

Those of you still stuck in the 3D matrix will say that I am espousing "magical" thinking. It is your free will to reject this teaching if you must. Make no mistake, what I am giving you here is no joke. It is real, it is happening, it has happened. I am a rebel, along with many others on the planet at this time. This is not for your destruction but for the evaporation of that which you have held onto that is false. Remember-nothing real can be threatened!!!


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