There IS A Savior Coming..It's You..And You're Here Now!!!

The savior that many humans are waiting for has arrived's just don't accept your self responsibilities, you don't believe in yourself, you are ignoring yourself and you are trapped in complete disempowerment because you ignorantly believe it's outside yourself. You are seeking leaders to lead you out of what YOU created!!!!!

Turn now to the empowered being within if you want to be "saved." Stop the fallacy that someone or thing other than YOU is going to take responsibility for your wrongheadedness and empower you to make the changes YOU, yourself, need to make to get out of the hole you dug YOURSELF into.

To put your personal power into the hands of another is simply the most immature thing a human can do. Humanity, stop being so stupid, giving up your power to other people, ideas, words and belief systems that are holding you down and disempowering you. Wake up!!! Hello?

Stop blaming your government, your heredity, the Universe, God, your parents, your genes, the police, your education, society for YOUR problems that YOU created with your free will, with your choices!!!! Point the fingers at YOURSELF!!!

Stop being a big baby and start owning your mistakes and grow up!!! No one owns you and no one is responsible for you but YOU!!!!!

No leader is going to make it all better, only YOU are.

The keys to the Kingdom are in YOUR hands not a President's or Allah's or Jesus' or the Buddha or a Guru or the Rabbi or the Priest. The responsibility for your thoughts, ideas, actions and beliefs are in YOUR hands only.

Grow up humanity and be your own leader or accept your sorry state of affairs that YOU created.


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