There Is No "Gone."

I keep hearing people say "when I'm gone." This is their conumdrum for I must tell them that the greatest realization and awakening of my lifetime is that I discovered that there is no "gone." I answer you by asking you a question: who were all the philosophers who posited the idea that when we die, the lights go out and we're gone? How do you know that they know better than me? Perhaps I am more awake than them and have discovered an essential truth of reality that there is no death.

OK, now all the psychologists and psychiatrists will come out and tell me that I'm saying this because I am afraid of death and this statement I'm making is just my ego's way of comforting itself. My answer is that I have died millions of times before this life and I know that who and what I am continues. This physicality is just slowed down Spirit and I don't die. My body is left behind as a snake sheds its skin and like the snake, I continue to live so I am not afraid of dying. Life is everlasting and there is no "gone," there is no death. There is clinical death in that my bodily functions cease but who I am continues.

What is real cannot die, what is real cannot be killed or threatened. What is real about me, what animates me is my Spirit. When you die, you are really born back into true life. Dying is being born, not gone.

Humans have a conditioned misunderstanding about what life really is. Being alive in body is simply the ensouling of nature. When we are in body, we are in nature and we experience the chaos and beauty of nature as a sensory experience. When we die, we go back to being Spirit where we are intuitive and more alive than in our sensate reality.

I look forward to dying for I am aware that I don't die and I am not gone. I am here and will always be here. Just call me on your soul phone.


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