The Truth About Lowering Stress

Stress is the most insidious and silent of persona/psyche/ego disorders that afflict mankind. It is the cause of more diseases than we care to admit yet why do we as a species have no real major stress-management offense? The answer, from my perception, is that stress is invisible and we refuse to believe what we can't see. I can do nothing for a species that only believes in what it sees but I can suggest a technique for lowering stress: take nothing personally!!! Stop fighting about phantoms, stop deluding yourself, stop believing in your illusions. Start laughing at your demons!!!

Most humans on the planet take everything personally as if everyone is out to get them (I do not discount oppressive societies, war torn countries, police states, living in poverty, being in abusive relationships and being homeless). In general, nothing could be further from the truth. Is everything always about you? How others behave has nothing to do with you so stop letting it stress you out!!! Nothing can harm you when you don't allow it to by not owning it, not letting it consume you, not allowing it to disturb your field, your sphere of influence. This is practiced by living in loving-detachment. You are in the world but not of it, you don't let it affect you. You let it roll off your back.

Look, there is no way you can avoid the stimuli that comes to you and causes you stress from daily living in this physical world but you can minimize stress by developing a perspective, a world view based on the Zen perception that there is really nothing there. The stimuli that is there is only there because you believe it's there and you allow it to affect you in a good or bad way. In the end, there is no stimuli that can affect you when you do not allow it to. If you are putting yourself in risky, dangerous situations that are extremely stressful, again, remember that is of your making. This not taking things personally takes lots of practice to achieve but it will lower your stress.

How does one begin to achieve a Zen-like perspective regarding stress? You begin with a desire, an intention to stop letting everything stress you. What is it that really stresses you, you have to look at that. Once you have that down, you begin to practice being silent, at first for a few minutes a day and then increasing to an hour a day which you can do first at home and then wherever you are. Next, you begin to turn off all stimuli in your living space. Just turn everything off for a half hour every day. When you have mastered that, you can begin your Zen meditations which you can find in many Zen mediation books and centers in your city. Practice Zen mediation every day. Another important step is to go into nature in a place that's peaceful and quiet. This naturally helps to lower your stress levels. The final and hardest step is to take your practice into your stressful environment and remain unfazed by all the stimuli. It does not mean being bored or apathetic, it means not allowing the stimuli to upset you, to unbalance you, to stress you out. It's remaining calm in the eye of the storm.

You will find the above practices a much preferred way of dealing with stress than using addictive means like sex, watching TV, drinking alcohol and using drugs. Those are just distractions.

Not taking things personally is not deleterious to your mind, body and soul and allows you to lower stress with an internal practice that is free and uses yourself and your environment to help you lower stress. This is not a simple path but it's an effective one I have found.

The truth about lowering stress is that you perceive something as stressful or not. It is up to you to develop a mindset where you don't allow someone's post on Facebook to upset you!!!


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