The Judger And The Judged Are One

When you judge another and we all have, you are not judging another; you are judging yourself. To be truly aware is to know and acknowledge that there is only one Self here and when you judge another, you are judging the whole, the collective, for you are NOT separate from it. The soul in your lover, family member, friend, neighbor, fellow human is just like the soul in you so judging that other soul is casting aspersions on your self. Why would you do that?

 Many do cast aspersions on themselves in thinking that they are better than the other because of something like having more money, being smarter, believing in a better religion, being more talented, more good looking or possessing so-called better, more expensive material goods. To me, this is the height of insecurity because those who judge others as being less in some way than themselves, are really trying to replace a lack that THEY feel in themselves. What is this feeling people feel when they judge you and make you feel less than them? It is, in my book, a showing of their lack of self-worth. They do not feel worthy in themselves and so must therefore make you feel less so they can feel better. It's an ego power move. It is saying "I am above you!"

In my life experience of those who are secure within their self-worth, they never make me feel less than them...never!!! They ALWAYS bring me up, not down. They never try to show me up in any way. They never judge me. These secure people have their self-worth intact and know that the judger and the judged are one.

So, remember, that as you judge another, you are judging yourself. When you judge me, you are showing me, the collective (and yourself) that you lack self-worth. No one is better than anyone else. We are all here on Earth to grow the awareness of our soul. We are all at different levels of soul awareness desiring to experience a teaching that our soul may correct itself and expand its awareness.

Soul growth is an on-going process and we all participate in it. To judge where another is at in their soul growth is actually a form of spiritual ignorance!!!


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