An Experience Of Love

A couple of years before my wife, Maureen, passed away suddenly of a massive heart attack on her 59th birthday, we shared one car and I used to pick her up from her school every afternoon (and many evenings) where she was a High School theatre teacher. On many of the evenings she was exhausted after starting at 4am and finishing at 7pm and I would find her closing up the theatre and classroom that was behind the auditorium and stage. Even though it was the janitorial staff's responsibility to clean the classroom, Maureen would clean it and sweep it herself because that's how she was.

On all of the occasions, my love for her, my caring and concern was so deep for her that I would take the large industrial broom from her hands and sweep the entire classroom for her.  It never bothered me to do this for her even when I was also not feeling well. I know now that this act of sweeping her classroom was an act of love. In remembering what I had with her, I often go back to those times that I swept her classroom because it signifies, it is a metaphor for me about how much we loved each other, how much love I gave her and received back.

I miss her so much and I know that our love reverberates in the Cosmos because it was an unconditional love. I did for her out of love. Many have told me that this is rare. I do not believe that.

I write this today to convey a sense of hope for these times where you have certain people in leadership espousing a very bleak view of our world. I reveal this story to let you know that there is real and true love in the world and that love is our salvation. With true love, we as a human species can do anything including redeeming ourselves in the face of so much negativity in the beliefs of our leaders and in the horrific actions of world governments.

With true and real love we can prevent our human kind from falling off this precipice of despair and reclaim our heritage of love, compassion, peace and abundance.

I experienced true love, I gave and received true love. It is real and you too can have it and give it. Maureen and I also had a child born of Love that we brought into the world and he has blazed a path of love in this world. Love is the true gift that keeps on giving. For this experience, I am deeply gratified, content, happy, appreciative and at peace.

Receiving the same level of love back from the love of your life is the greatest feeling and experience of a human life time. I had this. There is hope. Do not despair. Do not listen to the false, unloving words of those that are dark lords.

Take heart.


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