Monday, October 10, 2016

Sin Does Not Exist

God's son is guiltless and sin does not exist. Who is God's son? It is you and since God's son is guiltless there is no sin in you. I know, the prevailing dogma has inculcated in you that you were born with original sin. This is a controlling ideology meant to keep you disempowered. There is no guilt or sin in you. You do not sin by any action. Surely, you as a human make mistakes and you are supposed to but you are not sinning.

The concept of sinning is so ingrained into our subconscious that people most will reject what is being said here. Think of it this way: God does not have sin, and humans are a reflection of God in flesh and the flesh of man holds God's intent and therefore there is no original sin in flesh. There is only sin in making people believe that God would create a human with sin. It's a misguided notion created by misguided humans to control other humans. Period.

Get rid of any idea that you sin, are sinful or are born with original sin. It's nonsense. When you are born, you have a soul that is pure and has a purpose for your particular lifetime. You are in body to make a soul correction and in doing this, you are here to learn from your lifetime.

You have a purpose, not a sinful purpose, a sacred purpose that is meant for your soul to grow. It is not in the concept of sin that you grow your soul's awareness but in the concept of understanding that human beings are fallible, make mistakes, do wrong, are sometimes immoral, unethical, mean, hateful, ignorant, intolerant and on and on. These are not sins. They are teachings that we learn from that we may change to embrace our higher nature of Love, kindness, compassion, generosity, tolerance, peacefulness and acceptance.

Believing that you sin when you do bad things is nonsense. When you do bad things, you are behaving badly based on your lack of morals or caring and this is what you have come into body to learn: how to be a better human being.

There is no such thing as sin. There is only growing your soul's awareness of how to live in harmony with others, how to do no harm to yourself and others, how to realize that you are a being of Love and not some dirty rag as the old energy dogma wishes you to believe for their own nefarious ends.

You are not a sinner, you are a saint in the making!!!

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