"Separation Consciousness"

Separation consciousness, in my way of perception, is an impulse that is NOT based on insight.

First of all, what is "separation consciousness" and why is it not insightful? "Separation consciousness" is an ego value that makes humanity believe that everything, including Spirit and other Self is "out there" and that humans are separate, apart from, not influenced by Nature, Spirit and other soul. This misguided notion, based on egoic thinking, is not only untrue, it is unperceptive.

The true state of reality is that we as a human collective are inextricably bound together in a cosmic web and we are all connected in sharing the same Self, the same Spirit, the same soul. What is in me is in you and it's all an inner game not an outer one.

The concept of interconnectedness is more important than ever in seeing how humans all over the world are treating their neighbor: with rancor, murder, war, killing, slavery, hate, intolerance, invasion, suppression, bigotry and more. These are the ways of an unperceptive humanity that slinks along in the mud of "eat or be eaten" perpetuated by the strains of the lower ego. This is the mentality of the slug at the bottom of the ocean. Is humanity going to continue to relegate itself to the lowest levels of existence? I think not!

It is time to see that your neighbor is you. You are interconnected. You are one. You are of unity consciousness. What you do to your neighbor, you do to yourself.

When you become enlightened, you are able to see that we are all one. When that happens and it is happening all over the globe, you will know that the truth of existence is harmony not the lower ego's penchant for chaos.

What is real is the cosmic web. We are all points of light on this web and we are doing a kind of cosmic dance, a dance of Love. When you become more perceptive, you will know this, not as idealistic, but as the way of it all!!!


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