Nothing Can Harm What Is Real

Nothing can harm what is real. What am I talking about here? What is this "real"? What I have learned is real is only one thing, my soul, my Spirit. It is real in the sense that it cannot be harmed nor destroyed. It is a continuum. It is life everlasting. It is the real me. When you see me in this life, you are seeing my soul, my Spirit because I have become one with it.

Since I have connected to what is real, I am real now and I have no fear. I have dropped my fear. What I really am continues forever. You cannot kill me. You may harm and destroy my physical body but that is not what is real about me. What is real about me is my soul. I can take on another physical format whenever I choose.

Everyone and everything is alive with soul, with Spirit. Our collective disengagement from Spirit is the collective cause of our physical nightmares on Earth: murder, killing, war, greed, bigotry, hate, anger, fear and on and on. When the collective human hive allows itself to be with its soul, it's Spirit, these nightmarish qualities will disappear for there is no fear in what is real, there is no fear in Spirit.

Once I connected with, allowed Spirit to consciously indwell within me, I realized that I could not be harmed because you cannot harm what's real. You may kill my body but you can't kill me. My body is not the real me. The real me is my soul, my Spirit. My soul, my Spirit evinces compassion, unconditional Love, happiness, kindness, tolerance, acceptance, allowance and peace.

If you want to be real, get with your soul, your Spirit. When you get real, you drop your fear because you find that you can't be harmed. Soul and Spirit can't, does not die. Only flesh dies and fleah is not you.

This realization is the next level of Earth reality. Open your present, Christmas has come early this year!!!


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