"Move On"

When my wife died suddenly on her 59th birthday in 2012, I heard from her from beyond the grave. I am not going to validate whether the event was real or not. For me it was real and my communiques with her continue to be real. You might wonder what her first thoughts were to me right after she died. She said something to me that was difficult for me to contemplate at that time but she proved to be correct in her assessment. What was it that she told me right after she died? She told me to "move on!" Later, she said, "new chapters in life."

How does we see through the misty fog of grief and understand, let alone do, what the dead are telling us, especially when it is with love and wisdom? I can tell you that it is not easy to wade through the emotions of grief. They are powerful currents in the depths of the ocean of human feelings that can keep you fixed in sentimental regret and the place of pity forever. You see, the dead have already moved on. The act of dying is an act of being re-born and you no longer are attached to your recent lifetime in most cases. Death is a completion when you have made your soul correction in a lifetime which my wife did. I witnessed it, I observed it.

"Move on" was the most loving thing she could advise me to do because it is the most practical and sensible thing we can do after the death of a loved one.

Souls do feel and I am sure my wife's soul went through an adjustment time of feeling a sense of longing not being with her beloved life partner and son. I also perceive that once you are on the other side, you don't think like a human any more so you don't have exactly the same type of feelings. I think that departed soul's feelings are similar but on a different level as they know after death that there is no reason to stay stuck in grief. Yes, grieve, they say to the living but get on with the process of living. What you had is over. You cannot go back. You must live your life as happy as possible.

It is like the time I visited the cactus garden at Ethel M down the street from me. There it was, the dead cactus, it's skeleton protruding from the ground and right next to it, a live cactus, full of life, vibrant, living. We who are still in body must be like that vibrant, live cactus, full of life with the allowance of new chapters in life to come to us.

The dead are wise. They know that the living must continue to engage in life and those that die, continue on the wheel of life in the continuum that it is life everlasting. In the end, there is no death. There is only life.


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