Living In Heaven On Earth

If you want to live in this place called "heaven," you can, here on Earth while you are still alive. How can you do this? Contrary to popular opinion, it's done by traveling the eight roads to heaven while you are in body and the eight roads to heaven are through:

1. Rightness of belief

2. Rightness of Speech

3. Rightness of lifestyle

4. Rightness of thought

5. Rightness of actions

6. Rightness of exertions

7. Meditations

8. Divine connection

This is an exceptional path, these eight roads, that require integrity, rightness and honesty of behavior in everyday life. This path asks you to watch out for dishonesty and self-deception.

These are the eight roads to heaven. You don't die to get there, you work on Self to be there while still walking the Earth. Now, go be responsible for your actions and throw away that ticket you thought you needed to get punched to enter heaven.


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