Interactional Specialist

I am an ultra-sensitive hyperempath and as such, I am an interactional specialist. This interactional ability with everyone and everything allows me to pilot successfully through the richness of interactional space with an awareness of discernment.

What does this mean? It means that my natural, empathic gift is not meant to be fooled by anyone or anything in that I can perceive what emotions and thoughts are really there and not the unconscious or pretend ones that many humans manufacture for their own reasons. I can "feel into" people and things and nothing is hidden from me. There are many like me on Earth who have developed this innate gift of interactional specialty that all humans have albeit at different levels of development and allowance. This ability is being demanded, more and more, by our times and more are developing this deeper interactional capability.

For those of you like me who have difficulty in dealing with humans who have not allowed their empathic nature to come to the fore and practice a conceptual reality (in that their feelings are what they think not what they experience) rather than a feeling one; all you can do is be yourself, give of yourself and how others relate to you is not your process, it's theirs. Very often, we feel that those who have chosen to be non-feeling are mean but this is not so. From my vantage point, I see these people being who they are in that this is their level of emotional intelligence, they don't mean to be rude or crass and you are not their teacher to guide them to deeper expression. Just being your empathic self is enough. If they don't get you or don't function where you do, don't become disappointed or disconcerted. My advice with experiencing this is to just be yourself and give of yourself. If the experience with those that don't function on your level of hyperempathy depletes you, you will eventually move on from them, not in rejection but in loving detachment because you can simply no longer tolerate non-empathic interaction. It is too uncomfortable for you. You can choose to continue with them or not.

Remember, it's not them, it's you. They are being who they are in their lower level of interactional piloting and you have to learn that this is OK with you but you don't have to always or perhaps you never subject yourself to their lack of awareness. It's up to you and no one judges you for seeking higher ground.

Those who refuse to develop their empathic nature are where they need to be. Becoming an interactional specialist is a process and those that don't function on the deeper planes of emotional intelligence are just at a certain place in their process, wherever that place may be. It is not for you to judge them, only to love them from afar.


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