As a Sorcerer, my mantra is "impeccability" in all aspects of my life. This, for me, is not a goal but a process in which I work on being conscious of simply the best use of my energy levels. To attain a level of "impeccability," it calls for me to behave with:

1. Frugality.

2. Thoughtfulness

3. Simplicity.

4. Innocence.

5. Lack of self-reflection.

I share this with you because I have experienced the pursuit of "impeccability" as worthy, important, noble and attainable. It has put me and I am sure, will put you, on a path that is unparalleled in the control of the energies that essentially make up who you are.

To be able to conserve your energies and use them with awareness is one of the single most powerful aspects of the wisdom path, the path of the Sorcerer.

This way of life will help you to stop spilling all your candy in the lobby!!!


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