Saturday, October 8, 2016

If You Don't Know What To Be

If you have any doubts, reservations, confusion or uncertainty about what to be or do in your life, may I encourage you to be a "way-shower," that is, one who assists others, is a leader on the wisdom path of Love, discernment, expanding awareness, peace, tolerance, happiness and healing.

Be a "way-shower" and sow seeds of happiness wherever you go insuring that humanity sees in your actions the light of hope, an example of a positive, constructive path, not a harmful, destructive path.

As a "way-shower" speak your truth that uplifts and inspires not denigrates and demeans. Give people a sense of altruism, a sense of empathy that they will want this for themselves and become "way-showers" themselves.

You do not have to go to school for this. You just have to practice being a positive "way-shower" for yourself and others.

This is not a easy task because it asks you to follow all that is good. It asks you to live a clean life, one of strength and great character and not one of moral turpitude. Yet, you must become a "way-shower" if you are to be the honorable person you say and know you are. You are needed now and you must emerge, you must come out as the true leader you are. I speak to all those who in their hearts know they carry the flame of the "way-shower" within.

No more fence sitting. You can no longer hide behind "I don't know my purpose" and take misguided on-line seminars that tell you your purpose. No one but you can tell you or find your purpose for you as you must find it yourself for yourself. I am suggesting that you look within to find your own inner winner, your own leader within.

Your purpose is to be a "way-shower." Show all those around you the way to be a mature human and you start right now by leading yourself down the good, red road. Start today by loving yourself unconditionally.

There is nothing to doubt here.

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