Friday, October 7, 2016

How To Resolve Psychic Pain

What do you do when your ego is controlling you and not allowing you to let go of your psychic pain that stays with you, tearing you apart every day? What do you do when your false pride is winning the battle of keeping you in bitterness instead of Love? Since I have actually seen this in action in myself and others and needed to find a way to release myself from the torture of my ego driven angst,  I discovered, finally, the one act that freed me from the on-going pain of my despair: the act of complete forgiveness!!!

The act of forgiveness is not just about forgiving another but is also about forgiving yourself. It is about finally allowing yourself to admit to yourself that YOU are in control and not the illusory mental mind game of your lower ego that chokes off any love you have for yourself and others.

By the way, you can't wake up one day and decide to just forgive and it's all over. It doesn't work that way. Forgiveness is not a thought, it is an action and as such must be practiced over and over again until it is felt, viscerally and palpably within. Forgiveness has to become a part of you to be valid and real. Forgiveness is not a concept, it is an action based in unconditional love and compassion. You don't think forgiveness, you give it.

Giving forgiveness, really letting go of your imagined hurt, is how you let go and release the psychic pain that has been haunting you and eating you alive. We humans drink from the poison cup of hate, anger, jealousy, resentment, unforgiveness and scorn, poisoning ourselves, believing we do this to best our enemy. This is a most misguided notion. When you lack forgiveness, you are poisoning yourself.

Forgive today, right now and throw off the shackles of false pride and let go of the bitterness that binds you to the past. You will finally resolve your psychic pain and feel a new lease on life I am here to advise you through my life experiences. Stop living in the past. It already happened and no longer exists.

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