How To Live In A Higher Reality

Do you want to live in a higher reality, one where you are more abundant, happier, healthier, more at peace? I know that reality and I know that, at times, it is not an easy place to get to and stay in, yet it is a real place that you can live in successfully.

What's important is not where this reality is but how you get there and I will share the key with you for you to unlock the door and gain entry.

The key to getting into and staying in a higher reality of Love, gratitude, appreciation, abundance, happiness, health and peace is to never look at anyone or anything, no matter how heinous, and put them or it down. Simple. No, difficult because we humans are reactive and our first reaction to anyone or thing we don't like is to denigrate it. This is a mistake of awesome proportions.

The key to a higher reality is to live in loving-detachment and allow that person, group, thing to be whatever it is and for the person or thing to have NO EFFECT ON YOU!!!!!!

To show distain or hate for another person or thing is showing those negative emotions to yourself. You're shaking your head in agreement, knodding that you know this to be true but why don't you do it? Why do you react to another with judgement and disgust? Why? You continue this poisonous behavior because you simply believe you are separate from everyone and everything else and that self-conditioning keeps you believing that attacking others is just OK because it doesn't harm you. Wrong!

I am speaking from experience. I know that my negativity towards others is only hurting me. I am still working on it and I have come a long way and I have reaped the rewards of being true to myself.

I encourage you to reach for this higher reality. If you want to change the world for the better, start with this behavior of never feeling negative about anyone or anything. You'll be surprised at how your life will change for the better.

Please understand that I am not saying we should allow others to do bad things. We must change the world where people simply do not want to be this way. Let us do this together.


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