How To Deal With Our Current Chaotic Node

I have found excellent ways to handle our current chaotic node and any chaos that enters my world. There are six precepts I adhere to and practice and they are the following:

1. Turn all mishaps into the path.

2. Drive all blames into one.

3. Be grateful to everyone.

4. See confusion as sacred and practice emptiness.

5. Be good, avoid evil, appreciate your lunacy, pray for help.

6. Whatever you meet is the path.

I have borrowed the word "path" from Buddhist wisdom for I see my life as a winding path or road that I continuously travail. Sometimes that path presents me with experiences that are much more vigorous and I need to know how to handle them so that I may stay harmonious, in balance, happy and fruitful.

For me, these six precepts have been a great boon for my enjoyment of life. I have found them especially useful in keeping me in balance in this chaotic node we are experiencing. I pray that they may do the same for you.


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