Sunday, October 9, 2016

How To Ameliorate Your Grievances

How do we stop the grievances we harbor within ourselves in terms of our personal relationships which are the greatest arena where we learn how to do this? This is not so simplistic as we may first believe for the human ego in many humans is brittle and they tend to hold tight to unforgiveness. False pride is rampant on our planet.

Nonetheless, I believe each of us is responsible for taking the first step in ameliorating our grievances and we do this by first having the courage to air our grievances in our personal relationships and with our relationships with the ruling structures of our societies. Yes, we have seen our grievances met with the violence inherent in the tyrannous ego we can identify in retaliatory actions all over the world but we must continue to air these grievances because by airing them, we release them and we make them known and we lessen the hurt within ourselves. Eventually, these grievances will change our relationships for the better if they are based on Love. If our grievances come out of integrity, honesty, truth and kindness, we cannot fail in changing our culturescape for the better.

The ability to air grievances is an age-old ability that has been met in many instances seen in history by a violent reaction from neighbor, friend, lover, government and country. Unfortunately, blood has been spilled as a result of people airing their grievances from the American and French revolutions to the Civil War, Union strikes and Civil Rights marches in the United States and the list goes on and on all over the world in our recorded history.

So, airing our grievances is not easy but it is a must if we are, in our personal relationships and as a collective humanity, to make the necessary changes that all humans may be more honest, have more courage, show more truth, integrity, kindness and Love.

If we do not air our grievances and change ourselves, our personal relationships, our planet for the better, we stray into the territory of Z Nation where we are all flesh-eating zombies bent on our collective destruction because as we must remember, the lowest human egoic urge, the provence of the reptilian brain believes, "eat or be eaten."

I didn't make this up, just look at how people are treating each other around the world.

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