Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hands That Help

I have always prayed because I believe that prayer is a powerful tool of our Spiritual nature to use our natural intent to affect reality is a positive way. For me, prayer works but I have come now to see that hands that help are holier than lips that pray.

Using prayer to help yourself and another is great and physically putting yourself in the fray by helping your neighbor is greater. Using your "hands" to help is the most powerful Spiritual act you can do because you are physically engaging, taking a risk, putting yourself out there on the line to make a difference, being charitable and not sitting on the sidelines. With your hands that help you are giving of yourself which is the greatest and holiest act you can do because it is selfless. When your hands help another, you have taken yourself out of self-involvement, self-centeredness, all for yourself alone. With your helping hands you engage in active compassion, concern for another and not just whispered thoughts that you recite as prayers for another. With your helping hands you are making the ultimate sacrifice in giving of yourself which is the most you have to give to another and the greatest act of kindness you can give to another.

Hands that help are holier than lips that pray is the new mantra of the new energies on Earth. It is no longer relevant to sit on the sidelines. This is the time to get off the fence and engage with helping your fellow human, not criticizing, judging, hating, being angry at, not tolerating, belittling and harming your brother or sister.

Return to your higher nature and somehow get involved with giving a hand up to your fellow human. There are millions of ways of doing this, find your way and just get out there and do it. This is not a religious based act, it is a human act of holiness, a sacred act of selflessness that is every human's true nature.

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