Every Human Channels

We are all channeling, all the time. What is it that we channel? All humans mostly channel their soul, their Spirit and do it mostly unconsciously, that is, they are not aware they are doing it. There are also many humans who, in addition to channeling their Spirit, also channel the Spirit of other beings. That's what, for example, psychic mediums can do. They are able to channel other souls, other Spirits. Actually, we can all do this and most of us do, unwittingly, all the time.

These channelings happen for most humans in dreams and daydreams and sometimes during hypnosis. Those who are more allowing of Spirit to channel through them, are more receptive to doing this while conscious, while awake and we call this clairaudience or clairsentience. It's part of the human complex, the human make up and is not other worldly or weird as has been portrayed by an ignorant society.

Religion has tried to eradicate humanity's psychic powers, painting them as evil and dark. Nothing is further from the truth. To channel our soul and other souls is normal, not crazy or demented as the power elites would have you believe and brainwash you to refute.

The importance of channeling is the revelation that we humans are indeed a part of Spirit and Spirit does communicate with us and the idea is to allow it without reservation because we are slowed down Spirit having a denser human experience.

The time of our deeper connection to Spirit is at hand. We can no longer ignore Spirit. Spirit is making itself known and it is crucial for you to embrace Spirit and not go insane with fear. You will be able to discern that it's Spirit seeking to channel through you as it is and will be beneficent, kind, loving, peaceful and enlightening. Anything dark, evil, mean, agitating and negative is not Spirit.

Start paying attention as Spirit is making itself known and its desire is simply to reconnect with you.

Stay positive, stay courageous for Spirit needs you.


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