Eagle Has Landed

In Native American cosmology, the Eagle represents Great Spirit or God. In using that metaphor, it is important to understand that Great Spirit is amongst us, Eagle has landed.

Why is this relevant and important to all people? This is critical right now because as Great Spirit has come amongst us, it is our job to Love ourselves as we are Loved by Great Spirit. We are being asked to build our nest on higher ground, to seek a higher Spiritual reality. The reason that Great Spirit is speaking to us with more urgency is because many find that their nest is in a swamp and it is connected to their belief that their wings are clipped by impossibilities in their present status!

It is now time to see our impossibilities with a new perspective. Great Spirit is advising us to take Heart by becoming aware that our Spiritual energy is real and we must use it to elevate ourselves out of the swamp, out of negativity and hopelessness.

How do we, as spiritually aware beings, do this in this confusing and chaotic time? Here are a few ideas on how to pull yourself out of the Spiritual muck and renew your connection with Spirit:

1. Confront your present fears.

2. Go into your dream time and become aware of what your dreams are telling you. You need more dream time.

3. You may have a lack of dreams. Look at this in your life.

4. You may have suppressed feelings that are trying to emerge. These feelings are important to deal with in a positive, harmless way.

5. Look to your imagination for new experiences.

6. Use your dreams as "tools" for awakening to the prompting of Great Spirit.

Eagle is with us. Stop denying Spirit, stop exorcising Spirit, stop refuting Spirit. Engage with Great Spirit. Knock on Great Spirit's door. No one is refused.


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