Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"By The Fruits Shall You Know The Roots"

Whatever personage is in your sphere of influence and you are looking for who they are, do not believe their spoken assertions, look at their fruits, what they have produced in the world to know of who they are, look at their behavior, look at what they do in the world, how they treat people in their life. What are the fruits of their labor, their consciousness for by the fruits shall you know the roots.

This seems like an easy way to see who people really are, yet, many still go by what people tell or sell about themselves rather than their trail of doings that show who they really are. People rather know a concept of someone rather than the true experience of them through their actions, treatment, their legacy, their fruits. I can tell you all about myself and what and who I am but that is not your true experience of me. Getting to know the truth of someone is seeing how the behave over the long term and what their trail of fruits are. The question to ask is: do they sow seeds of happiness or do they sow seeds of bitterness? Are they about service to themselves only or are they about service to others, are inclusive of others in addition to themselves.

I no longer let people sell me on themselves and I no longer feel the need to sell my accomplishments. I simply note their behavior and my behavior and give them and myself a great chance to show them and me who they are. I give them and me as much of a chance as possible to demonstrate their roots. What has been done in the world by them or me cannot be hidden and is easily discovered and I must look at that.

This takes patience and this I maintain. Do you?

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