Being Consciously, Highly Spiritual

Being consciously, highly Spiritual is not for everyone. Some are not ready to fully connect with Spirit and that is their path. There is no need to judge, compare, admonish those who simply are not ready or not willing to allow Spirit to consciously be and connect with them.

I have practiced for a long time, raising my consciousness on purpose to allow my connection with Spirit to continue to expand and grow. It occurred through my experiences with many friends, family, associates and societies at large that this path was not on most people's radar and I realized, after my disappointment, that everyone is not there yet and that's just the way of it. There was and is no need for judgement of others for where they are on their path to enlightenment. All that matters is where I am. My path is the only path I can travail and perhaps others will take note of my example and want a more Spiritual experience for themselves.

We are all Spiritual. It's just that many are too unwilling to allow Spirit into their lives in a more meaningful way, in a more conscious way.

The first and primary recognition, if you want to be on a more Spiritual path, is to see and accept that you are Spirit having a human experience and not the other way around.

Who you really are is Spirit, not the human you are dreaming you are!


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