Are You Seeing Things Differently?

Have you noticed that you are seeing things differently, that is, you can no longer accept and tolerate bigotry, prejudice, judgementalness, hate, war, greed, jealousy and envy? This is your awareness speaking and your changed perceptions are the degree to which your awareness has heightened.

This is the state of the change in many humans on Earth that they have moved up into the 5th dimensional vibrational frequency of Love and healing. Take note that you have changed and become more appreciative and grateful for the new you. You are part of the new Earth where the old structures have fallen and will keep falling away until all the old energies are swept away and realities you accepted and tolerated that were put upon you by an unaware society are gone.

There are many such backward mass consciousness structures and the worse are judging another human based on the color of their skin, or because they are a woman, gay, old, young, an immigrant, a Jew, a Muslim, etc. The time is here where human consciousness has improved to see another human as just that, simply another human and you who are reading this are in the vanguard of leading this new consciousness to make it live on our new Earth.

The banking, religious, political, food, money, educational and work structures of old energy are coming crashing down to become better systems where all are given equal access and opportunity. The old systems of world domination by the few is ending and you are leading the charge to see it decimated so that people all over the Earth may live in abundance, happiness, peace, harmony and sustainance.

This is real and don't be afraid of these changes. The old ways are finished not because there has been a war and killing but because the Earth's vibrations have changed for the better and we are in a new frequency of Love and Healing.

Go be this now, go be who you are now.


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