Monday, September 26, 2016

Wisdom Is About Knowing, Being Is About Feeling

While it is important for me to know, as I am a wisdom keeper, through my Spiritual path, I have discovered that it is more important to feel because that is the center of being. Being Spiritual is not knowing, it's feeling, as in, I feel Spirit's Love inside of me, I feel the presence of the Spirit world around me, I feel the pranic forces enveloping me, I feel my soul alive in me. When I feel my soul with me, it helps me to be more soulful. This I practice every day. I call my soul forth.

Spirituality is not linear, not rational and you can't think it, you can't conceptualize it as you can dogma. In experiencing the mysterious path of Spirit, it is a matter of feeling it and, to me, not feeling it is not experiencing it.

While my emotions come through my thoughts, I can switch those feelings off by not thinking about them even if I have to use drugs to numb me from those emotions (I never use drugs to suppress my emotions). I cannot do this with feelings that come through my soul, through Spirit. A good example is when you go into meditation and quiet the mind, you eventually have a feeling of profound peace that is not engendered by the mental because you are out of your mind. When you stop your mind, you allow your soul to whisper to you and it is not you thinking, it is your soul talking to you and during this talk, you will feel soul's love, presence and guidance.

What are the words for this feeling of soul talking to me? There are many words and the best description for me is that I am in a place of being and then something happens. When I connect to my being, I touch my soul and the feeling of that connection is indescribable. I have tried for many years to put this feeling into words. The only one that works for me is "mystical." When I am with my soul, with Spirit, I feel mystical. It's not a trance or anything like that, it is a feeling like being in a different place.

This is not something I know, this is not wisdom. It is being Spirit. To me, that's true connection with Spirit, not reading Spiritual books or religion or practices even though I have done and do these things.

I practice being with my soul, with Spirit and I don't need to know anything else. There is nothing else to know. There is only this thing to feel which is no thing.

I am always feeling mystical.

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