What Happens When You Love Deeply?

What happens when you love deeply? I have and am loving deeply so please allow me to share my experience with you. I found that when I loved myself, my beloved life partner, my child, my relatives, my friends and people in general, it covered a multitude of sins because in deeply loving myself and another, I found no grievances, for love doesn't hold any grievances. Loving deeply always allowed me to offer my love without grumbling. Everything I offer another, including my hospitality, I offer with love and I never grumble about this even if the other never returns their love or hospitality. That being said, I must admit that I shy away from others who are conditional with their love and their giving. I find that this conditional loving and giving behavior is a great lack of appreciation and gratitude.

I also saw that love cannot be hurt, depleted, rejected or thwarted. Love just is, as in, when you love deeply, you are being love. This is giving love without expectations, giving it unconditionally. The other person doesn't have to do anything to "earn" your love. You just love them. Period.

Is this an easy thing for humans to do? No! Why is that? From my experience, it is not easy for humans to love unconditionally because they haven't learned to love themselves. They have no concept, none at all, about what it means to love themselves. They may have a vague notion about it but no experience with it. Humans simply ignore loving themselves. They refute it, they refuse it and yet it is the single most important thing you can do to have awareness of a deeper level. That's right. Loving yourself is the real secret to deeper levels of awareness because it opens up the pure world of Spirit where love is the guiding force, the guiding principle.

I encourage the deeper awareness where love is unconditional. I have seen people withdraw their love to teach someone a lesson. To me, this is a low, hurtful level of awareness that I do not condone. I don't use love as a weapon or tool used to get even or deprive. That's what slugs at the bottom of the ocean do. It's a very low level of awareness.

Love deeply. It brings much happiness.


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