What Happens When You Engage Higher Reason?

The time has come in our world to engage higher reason and to quell the critical ego that says "if you don't agree with me, you're wrong." Higher reason is in all humans and it is the arena of higher ego where judgement has been silenced and we have moved into the higher realm of discernment. You could argue that there is some critical thinking going on when you engage higher reason.

What are the hallmarks of engaging higher reason?

Here are some clues that you are engaging higher reason in the form of statements and questions to tell/ask yourself:

1. Begin by looking at a situation from all sides.

2. Ask yourself-what do I want to happen?

3. Notice what is actually occurring instead.

4. Ask yourself-what am I doing to prevent my desired outcome?

5. Again, ask yourself-what is the first step to take in order to move forward?

6. Finally, ask yourself-am I willing to take that step?

Humans have the faculty of higher reason and most people, sadly, do not engage it. Instead, people listen to dogma, fatuous lies, false flags, conspiracy theories, political memes and the faux media created by others who's agenda is not pure. Much of humanity lives in confusion and darkness as seen by the prevailing belief systems of bigotry, hate, intolerance, fear, greed, judgement, ignorance and sheer stupidity.

I encourage all who read this to now engage higher reason and remove yourself from the clutches of your critical and negative ego. Stop devolving. When you engage higher reason, you remove yourself from the control of your lower ego and those that may not have your best interests at heart. Don't  allow the egotists to hold sway over you!!!


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