Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Reason Humans Love Dogs

Why do people love dogs so much, other than their incredible loyalty, beauty and ability to be our helpers in a myriad of ways? There is only one major reason humans are attracted to dogs, whether the human is conscious of this or not: dogs are UNCONDITIONALLY LOVING!!!! No matter what you do to a dog, that dog will come back, and will love you like your abuse of them never happened. Can we say the same for humans? Can we say all humans are unconditionally loving?

There are some humans that are unconditionally loving but very, very few. I have met unconditionally loving humans but it is a rarity. I have met mostly conditionally loving humans, that is, I must meet some condition of theirs for them to love me.

Where does this lack of unconditional love in humans stem from? I believe it is their utter refusal to love themselves. Most humans think love instead of feeling love and being love. Dogs are in the force of love, they don't think about it, they just do it. Humans have concepts of love and that's the love they are in...conceptual love. You can tell this because humans use sentences like, "I love this coffee." These words show that humans use it like it's an empty expression, only a concept with nothing behind it.

I have a big surprise for you-you can't think love because it's a force. That's right, a force that can be used, that you can shape, manipulate (as in shape like clay), that is a power that can be harnessed like nuclear energy, that can bend to your will. It is for your use. The Star Wars saga is a great metaphor for The force of love when they say, "May the Force be with you!". The more you send out unconditional love to everyone and everything on this planet and beyond, the more it comes to you.

The Earth's vibratory level is moving into the frequency of unconditional love. It is causing much fear and trauma in most humans because they are not vibrating there and refuse to.

I have moved with the vibration of unconditional love and work on practicing using this force every waking moment. It is sometimes not easy but I have given up being conditional in the love I give to myself, everyone and everything in existence.

May I suggest you step into this vibration as soon as possible. Your dog has been waiting.

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