The Art Of Empathy

I am reading a great book right now entitled, "The Art of Empathy, a Complete Guide to Life's Most Essential Skill," by Karla McLaren. For me, being an ultra-Sensitive, hyper-Empath, this human skill is ignored in our society and yet, it's one of our greatest skills that helps to make us humans interactional specialists.

It's one thing to be aware of empathy and another to practice it. In order to understand it, you have to experience it and here are the six essential aspects of empathy as delineated by Karla McLaren:

1. Emotional contagion.

2. Empathic accuracy.

3. Emotion regulation.

4. Perspective taking.

5. Concern for others.

6. Perceptive engagement.

If you are an Empath, I encourage you to read the above book. It is my concern for those of you who are empaths to see it as a strength and not a weakness. I also encourage you to practice your empathic abilities every day as they are missing in our world with many confusing empathy with sympathy. They are not the same.

I am putting out the call to all empaths to out themselves and start showing the empathy you were meant to show since you were born this way. It's who you are. Empathy is a great gift that you have been given to raise the level of emotional maturity on Earth. Sorely missing.


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