Six Misguided Human Notions

There are six basic human notions that Cicero observed that he termed "mistakes" of human thinking. I believe they are worth our consideration:

1. Believing you can profit by hurting another.

2. Worrying about things you can't change.

3. Insisting that something is impossible just because you can't do it.

4. Holding fast to trivial pride, preference and prejudice.

5. Stopping your learning.

6. Trying to compel others to believe and live as you do.

Why are these belief systems thought of as "mistakes?" In my estimation, they are misguided human notions because these six ideas stop our human evolution in terms of holding back the growth of our awareness to be more loving, compassionate, forgiving, kind, thoughtful, tolerant and peaceful which are sorely needed ways of being in our world.

I think you can see all the misery and suffering in the world right now by looking at these misguided notions that seem so prevalent in mass consciousness, that are being acted out all over the world as I write this. This must change.

May I encourage you to grow out of these stale notions and remove them from your awareness. Devolving isn't your path.


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