Seeing The Digital Readout of 11:11

I have been seeing the digital readout of 11:11 for the last 5 years or more and have finally understood why I see this almost every day on digital clocks with no premeditation of wanting to see these numbers.

The first thing I realized is that in seeing 11:11, Spirit is sending me a message. Secondly, I kept working on what Spirit was trying to communicate to me and finally arrived at a consensus with myself and others that Spirit was and continues to send me the 11:11 readout out as a sign of alignment in the process of manifestation. It's a high sign that affirms that I am in the flow and the deep connection I have with creating my reality.

This isn't some esoteric mystery as my life experience on an every day, ordinary reality has been filled with the results of this deep connection I have with creating my reality. You could say that my life is filled with abundance, miracles, blessings and sustainance that I co-create in this physical matrix at will.

All I have to do is use my intent to manifest anything I need in my life and it appears. After the appearance, I see the digital readout of 11:11 which I take as Spirit saying, "yes, this is real what you are experiencing and creating. You do have these manifesting powers."

We all have them. Now it's time for you to own this, to accept this, to do and experience this power in your life. Let's just say it's time for you to be the magic you are.

 Happy 11:11 sightings!!!


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