Friday, September 9, 2016

Perfect Circle

 "In Ancient Greece the so-called Skeptical philosophers argued that two propositions could not depend on each other, for that would make the logic circular, invalidating both ideas. In our own inner lives we need have no such worries. The existence of love depends on the reality of spirit; the reality of spirit depends on the existence of love. Contemplate these statements and live by their mirrored truth." From One Spirit Book of Days 2013

We see that which is circular in our lives on many levels and it goes beyond linear logical thinking: the concept of yin and yang, the wearing of wedding rings, the circadian cycle, prayer circles and so many other instances of the circle in our lives. Our souls participate in a perfect samsara circle that has us living and dying over and over again and this could be thought of as in some way contradicting any hope we have for meaning in life looked at from circular logic. What meaning is there to this human condition of repeated lives and repeated death?

What I have been shown in life is that when you contemplate the perfect circle, you see that through samsara and repeated lives, you do not come back at the same level of awareness and capacity as in the past life. You have learned some things in the previous life and you bring these lessons, the new awareness with you so that while you are in the cycle of life and death, you come in at a higher level. You use life (nature) to gain these awarenesses (soul) and life is there for you to bring your awareness to it. It's a circular relationship between nature and Spirit. You come into your new life with the information you garnered in the last life and you seek to use this information to help you live a better life this time around in some way. The soul is the driver of the bus and it decides what its theme for soul correction is going to be and it is in no way linear. The condition of your human life may be totally incomprehensible to you the human but not to your soul as it looks to complete a soul correction in this life time to further expand its awareness as it moves through the circular continuum of samsara until one day, you are out of samsara. One day, you will no longer need to participate in the circular nature of reincarnation as you have known it for you have moved onto a different level of reality where your soul has expanded its awareness so much, it must move to higher ground.

You will move to higher ground and you may enter another circular reality or you may not. That's up to your soul's awareness.

In contemplating one's soul, one begins to see that love is the answer in that you are born to grow, to mature, to understand, to know and that is love's reflection.

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