Our Limitations Are Our Presumptions

What we presume to be a truth about our life may be limiting us to a reality not of our desire or liking. For example, if we presume that money is evil, it is and we will experience money as evil in all its types of manifestation. We act with a sense of distain around money and money never comes to us. For example, we may end up never having money and wonder why we never have money and still continue our presumption that it's evil which limits our enjoyment of having money. We simply don't realize that our presumption of money as evil is a limitation!

So, it comes down to having the awareness of being mindful of what we believe, what we tell ourselves.

What are your presumptions around the major aspects of your life? Do you even know? Explore the belief systems in yourself around work, money, family, sex, Spirituality, religion, friendship and other aspects of your life and really see what your presumptions are and see whether and how they are limiting you in any way.

Our society is based on the belief system, "I'll be happy when." This is the presumption that something outside ourselves makes us happy and we decide we won't be happy until that outside thing arrives in our life. We tend to do this with everything. These are the presumptions I'm talking about, these fake belief systems we adhere to, that we tell ourselves over and over again that limit our happiness, our growth, our abundance, our life experiences.

Resolve today to look at your presumptions and note where they are limitations to having a better life. This is one of the best exercises you will do for yourself. It may be tedious at first to enter into this type of personal exploration but it is well worth your time. It's called freeing yourself from limiting presumptions and opening your world to greater possibilities, greater potential.

I have done this with my life, so I am speaking from experience. I can say that I have changed many of my limiting presumptions and learning, every day, new limiting thoughts I didn't even knew I had until I took the time to look within myself.

If you want to be free, try this.


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