More On Seeing The Digital Readout of 11:11

As the Spiritual "veil" (the illusory membrane between the physical world and the Spiritual world) becomes nonexistent (for many, it has already disappeared) and we finally see what's on the "other side," we will see that it was us who were unwilling to allow second sight as the "other side" was always there and willing to speak to us, always alive and full of Sprit.

This thinning of the "veil" is the reason more and more people are unwittingly seeing the digital readout out of 11:11 every day. It is Spirit's way of communicating something with us. What is that something? As I have been seeing 11:11 and 12:12 for about five years or more now, I have delved into what Spirit has been telling me. From my awareness, I see that Spirit, through showing me these numbers over and over again, wants me to cognize the experience, cement in the belief that it is indicating that I am on the right path and heading in the right direction for my personal fulfillment. It is telling me also that my Spiritual powers are growing and that I am in alignment with it.

Whenever I see 11:11 now, I see it as a thumbs up from Spirit and I know it is supporting me on my path with an affirmative signal. Keep going, it says!

It is OK if you still live in separation consciousness and still believe all this is some hocus pocus. Many will not accept the reality of Spirit due to the control of religion that has conditioned them to believe that Spirit is only allowed to talk to the priests or the Pope. This is far from the truth. Spirit doesn't discriminate.

The allowance of Spirit on Earth is inevitable and no religion can and will hold it back. So, in my estimation, I would encourage all to begin the practice of meeting Spirit by first believing that it does indeed talk to you. One aspect of that talking is seeing 11:11 digital readouts as well as other repetitive numbers.

The "veil" has thinned where so-called ordinary people can see Spirit. Look upon the face of God, she's not that scary!


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