Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Look At Everything As A Teaching

When you whine and blame everyone and everything else but yourself for what goes awry in your life, you are at the level of lower ego where nothing teaches never're too great to learn or be taught. This is a fundamental flaw in your ego's thinking. Ruled by your lower ego, you will remain confused and mystified as to why things are going wrong since you're so great that you're infallible!!!

To overcome your ego identification and your misery at the hands of this illusory presence of mind you have about being so great you can only see fault in others and not yourself, learn to see everyone and everything in your life as a teaching, not a lesson, not a punishment, not a judgement, a teaching.

When you gain the awareness that you can be taught by anyone and anything, you begin to see that you are not the be all and end all that you think you are and that ALL THERE IS is your helper. You trust that life will inform you and help you make better choices, treat people better, understand things more, be more about others than always wrapped up in yourself and knowledgeable that you must take responsibility for your actions once and for all.

Listen to life, it will speak to you and teach you. You are the trust-fund baby of the Universe and it wants you to be happy but not by blaming others for your mistakes, not by thinking that nothing is wrong with you and you have no weaknesses. All humans have strengths and weaknesses no matter how rich and successful you are. All humans make mistakes. We're supposed to, that's the teaching.

Develop the perspective of looking at everyone and everything as a teaching. You'll stop whining, blaming and judging and realize there are really no such thing as mistakes, just teachings.

Let the ant on the ground, the blade of grass, the drop of rain, the flower, the smile of a stranger, the howl of the wind be your teachers. By doing this, you'll find out the true meaning of life.

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