Saturday, September 10, 2016

I Walk My Path With Angels

Almost ten years ago, I started working with Angel and Archangel harmony cards and I received much guidance and wisdom for helping me on my Spiritual path. Of all the guidance that the Angels gave me, what stands out most is that they told me that whenever I saw three feathers I should know that the Angels were reminding me that they were with me. From that moment on, I saw feathers wherever I went, even though I was not looking for them. What does this mean?

I took this to mean that the Angels and Archangels are with me as I walk my path, that I am guided, protected and helped by these Spiritual beings. It means to me that I am not alone on my Spiritual path and I have reached a level of awareness where they have made their presence known. To me, it is a loving presence that supports my Spiritual journey in showing me that all is right with my path, that I am doing the right things as I practice unconditional love, compassion, peace, tolerance, truth and kindness.

These Angels and Archangels are here for you too. I am not alone in who they love. They love you too, they are here to support you too. All you have to do is open your heart to them and they will show you the right path for your Spiritual Ascension. You don't have to be ultra-religious to commune with these positive beings. You simply have to allow them in your life. When you are ready, they will appear to you, they will guide you. These beings are always available for they are right here and it is you who have closed your heart to them.

The experience with Angels and Archangels is hard to describe. All that I can say from my experience is that they are real and always help when you need them. They show me that they are always with me and I thank them and tell them how much Iappreciate them. All you have to do is call. They are wise beings filled with the wisdom of the ages.

These difficult times we are in are just the right time to begin working with the Angels and Archangels for your greater protection, Spiritual awareness and most important, the knowledge that Spirit is alive and well and willing to help you. Seek them unabashedly. They love you. They are not spooks or ghosts, they are Spiritual beings meant for your guidance.

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