Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I Am A Hyperempath

I am a hyperempath, that is, I am a high interactional specialist who can pilot successfully through the richness of interactional space. I am not alone. All humans are empathic to varying degrees but most do not pay attention to this gift, this power within them by taking compassionate action.

Out of everything we humans are, it is our empathic nature and the ability to put it into use through compassionate action that truly defines our greatness as a species. Take this empathic aspect of our nature away and we are just cold and calculating beings who are sociopathic with no care or understanding of any other human and I see a lack of using our empathic nature as the quintessential illness of contemporary society.

We are so caught up in materialism, we are so outer directed, that we have lost our humanity, that is, we have lost our empathy. We are no longer compassionate. We are greedy and apathetic. Everything is about money. Where is soul? Where is Spirit?

Humanity is in for a big shock as this lack of empathy is going to be swept away by large numbers of humans awakening to their hyperempathy and it's happening now. We, as a species, are tired of fake interactional people. We crave what's real, we desire what's sincere, not just words people say because they think that's what we want to hear or they are simply in a talking point reality loop that is borne out of guilt.

I say, come home to your empathic nature and start living your compassionate sense of self as difficult as that may be around humans who are essentially ignoring this part of themselves and behaving sociopathically.

Return to your true, essential nature, an interactional specialist put on Earth to feel. Feel, not only for yourself but for others. It is time for your higher nature to emerge and empathy is a major part of it.

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