Thursday, September 8, 2016

How To Live A Magically Empowered Life

How does a human being live in empowerment, live a magically empowered life? What I have discovered is that not only is it possible to live magically empowered, it is a necessity for happiness. So, what is the big secret? The key to living a magically empowered life is to become a clear channel for your Higher Self and the Divine Holy Spirit of life. Sweep away all mental debris, confusion and psychic clutter.

How does one do this? Not easy but doable. First, love your lower ego and then move up to your higher ego using higher reason. Use your higher ego to allow your soul and not your lower ego to hold sway over you.

You begin the process of moving up to your higher ego by first controlling your mind with practices like meditation, using mantras, positive affirmations, Reiki, prayer, reading sacred texts in addition to the Bible, texts like the Tibetan Book of The Dead, the Kabbalah, the Bhagavad Gita and many others, associate with higher Spiritual people and do these practices every day.

What you are doing is parenting your lower ego to have less identification with it and and more of a reference point with your soul, your Higher Self, your higher ego. You allow your soul to speak to you and guide you until you see the face of Spirit (God). Once you open the door and see Spirit (God) on the other side, you will know that you are being guided by the Divine Holy Spirit of life, which is not a religious contruct but a soulful one. There is nothing to join, no alms to give, no Imam, Rabbi, Monk or Priest, no one to believe in but yourself.

When you are in this place of your Higher Self, you will live a magically empowered life because all that you desire will come from what is real-your soul. Your soul drives this bus, not your ego. Love your ego, allow your soul.

I do this. I have all I need and desire. I am magically empowered. Your turn, now!

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