Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How Does True Diplomacy Work?

How does a true diplomat, a true leader most effectively communicate whether they are a political, classroom, police, medicine, law, religious or Spiritual leader? In my experience of being a public speaker all my life, let me tell you what shuts down most people from listening to your diplomatic or leadership overtures: being blunt, outspoken, stubborn, dogmatic and domineering! What you get as a response from most people with this type of behavior is resentment. No one likes condescension! A diplomat or leader must be strong and they must use wisdom true to their inner self to move people in the direction they want them to go.

Motivating through fear, bombast, lies, hate, anger and racism does work...for a short while. Eventually, though, your people will turn on you. People are not dumb despite the misguidance of many diplomats and leaders. All people know when they are being talked down to and bullied whether they want to admit they are brainwashed or not. We can see people who are belittled in countries all over the world, including this one, America.

Use the wisdom true to your inner self. Don't be hoodwinked in the moment by delicious lies that tickle your bloodlust. Don't allow cheap, negative talk to boil your blood.

It is time to move to higher ground where true strength of character in being a diplomat and leader are measured by true integrity, compassion, straight talk, honesty, encouragement, hope and empowerment, inner conviction and not by obfuscation.

We humans deserve better than dishonest, unwise leaders. Go within and use the wisdom true to your inner self. By doing this, you will tune your discernment and see the phony leaders from the real.

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