Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Honor Your Self Expression

What is your form of self expression? Do you express yourself through the Arts, Medicine, Politics, Cooking, Botany, Science, Agriculture, Architecture, the Military, Sports, Public Speaking, Spiritual pursuits, mother or fatherhood and the like? No one comes into physical expression without some form of self expression and being this self is the key to happiness, peace and soul growth in life.

While there is more for our reason to physically incarnate, the joy of expressing ourselves in our truest ways has no comparison. That is why we must find this for ourselves and honor it. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed by your self expression no matter how it differs from societal norms as long as it's not destructive to yourself or anyone else.

This self expression may take time for you to find. Some find it early in life and others are late bloomers. For me, I found it as a little child of five as I expressed myself through the Arts. I remember my parents showing me off in the living rooms of family members, asking me to sing my rendition of "When the Saints Come Marching in" when I was five years old. I never stopped. I enjoyed a life filled with artistic expression that took me to great experiences in every aspect including money, family, community, abundance, fulfillment, recognition and so much more.

From honoring my self expression, I want to encourage all to honor theirs no matter what it is or the level you reach. Just make it constructive, harm none and show good will to all.

This is a certain level of soul awareness where you find your purpose, your passion. I highly recommend it. It is a sacred endeavor whether you realize it or not.

Honor who you are.

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