Thursday, September 29, 2016

Crossing The Bridge Of Heart

We have all agreed as souls to cross the Bridge of Heart where we no longer lead from our linear minds but lead from our hearts. We no longer see the rational mind as a hindrance to our intuition but as a means to bridge the gap between mind and heart by using the mind to reach our true, intuitive nature. The heart is intuitive, it knows all, it cannot be fooled. This is the new vibration on Earth and therefore it is mandatory that you cross the Bridge of Heart without reservation and do it now. You must keep to your commitment of doing this crossing in your physical state, not when you die and cross over. It's too late then.

The vibration of Love is the new consciousness on Earth and you will be left behind if you don't cross the Bridge of Heart. There is no more time for excuses, refusal or stubbornness. If you don't become heart-centered, you will be left behind to become ill, die and leave the planet for another place, another sphere where you can remain in 3D. I am not sugar-coating anymore. I am telling it like it is.

How do you go from head to heart? First and foremost, start believing in and practicing loving yourself unconditionally. Love yourself. What does it feel like to love yourself? It is not selfish, it is selfless. It is an ecstatic feeling where you feel no insecurities. Become your own best friend and you will see the love both for yourself and in yourself grow, expanding your heartfelt nature.

This is a revolution that you have waited for and now you are ready to participate in. Take the leap of faith and cross the Bridge of Heart. Do it today and let the tears of joy, grace, happiness, contentment, peace, serenity and tranquility flow, oh ye of little faith!!!

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