Thursday, August 11, 2016

Your 5th Dimensional Behavior And Language Is Greek To Them

From my experience, when you speak in the vibration of the 5th dimension, which is the dimension of love, the energy of love, those vibrating in the lower dimensions, 1 through 3, will generally not understand your language and to a large degree, your actions. Your speech will be Greek to them. They usually end up saying that what YOU are saying makes no sense and they are right because it makes no sense to THEM.

I have seen this up close and personal, let alone in the work place and on line. Personally, I have seen those closest to me speak AND show great love, care and concern for their parents and siblings only to be told that they are wrong or a bother and that what they are saying makes no sense. I heard the words and saw the actions and they were always loving and born of concern and care but these others were not vibrating in love so they did not understand the language and saw it through their own lens, the lens of ego, the lens of pain and hurt for themselves, the lens of confusion.

If you have never experienced this, I must tell you that it is the most disconcerting experience. Here you are speaking and showing love and you get demeaned. After years of experiencing this with others, I realized that they were just not vibrating in the same dimension as those showing and speaking love.  I am sorry but I cannot mistake at this point when someone shows me love even if my ego can't believe it.  I am able to see it more clearly now and I can hear the language of love more clearly because I decided that I am vibrating at that level of reality. I am not going to vibrate in the dimension that says I can put my pain and hurt on others. Others are just innocent bystanders and don't deserve to be taken down to my dimension of sorrow for myself. I am happily out of that.

I came up with a solution to this dilemma: I now live in loving-detachment, that is, I do not judge those who are in lower vibrating dimensions, I love them and forgive those who are not vibrating in love and stay more around those who ARE vibrating love. While I have proven I can be with those who are vibrating lower, my preference is, I simply choose not to be because I am speaking Greek to those who remain in 3D. I don't speak Greek!

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