Sunday, August 28, 2016

To Be This Is True In Spiration

No matter your life situation, shine your Light! The Light is already in you! This is the time to BE the Light. As Sonia Choquette says in her Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose Oracle Cards, "Choose an elevated state of being, moment to moment. Choose, daily, to come into accord with your own higher levels and making a point to be centered, calm, clear and open to your inner knowing."

That inner knowing IS the Light within you, so when you shine it, you are allowing it to radiate for all to feel, to experience. You become a source of upliftment, of inspiration. You become a magnet repelling the shadow and attracting more Light. Your life becomes a wisdom path.

You can begin shining more of your Light by practicing higher vibrational eating, higher vibrational thinking and feeling, meditation, positive affirmation, much less TV, lower vibing music and people. Stay away from as much negative media as possible. Clear you heart and mind and raise your consciousness.

This is no cavalier endeavor. It is extremely important at this time as the entire planet is shifting to a higher vibrationa and you don't want to be left behind.

Take this as real and make the effort to stay centered in Love. All I can say is I encourage you to apply yourself to this post haste.

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