Shine Your Light

If you, in your life right now, are not at every second inspiring, uplifting and directing others to their Higher Self's greatest potential, furthering the Divine Light within yourself and them, you are on the disrtacted path, not the wisdom path.

The time is at hand to shine your light, not your gloom. I know that trusting in the unseen is tough and you must trust in that part of yourself that is Spirit, the Light, for being connected isn't simply a realization of Spiritual things. It's becoming them.

It is high time to be who your are, Spiritual beings who have incarnated to grow Spiritually. Your assignment is to heighten your vibrational frequencies to those of love, peace, happiness, healing, tolerance, kindness, compassion, generosity and acceptance. Anything less than this is beneath such a noble being as you.

You must shine your light now. You must reveal your goodness now. Stop waiting. Stop the wars, the killing, the hating, the bigotry, the stupidity, the selfishness.

Take off the guise of anger, withdraw from the false light, from the darkness that holds sway over you and become part of the Council of Light. There is no more time to waste.


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